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Dancing Towers


Residential housing


Dalian, China


Zhong Yong Real Estate


In progress

Floor area:


The project is located in the East Harbor District of Dalian, at the south side of a roundabout which links several main roads of the developing Central Business District. The area of the project site is 51,100m2. The east-west width of the site is approximately 310m. The north-south width of the site is approximately 170m. The north, east, south, and west sides of the site measure approximately 270m, 170m, 310m, and 180m respectively. The project consists of 9 residential towers, a clubhouse, a kindergarten, and underground parking. Dancing Towers is a lifestyle. It creates a strong sense of identity, community, and home. The project should be recognizable and display distinct features. The project's 9 towers have been arranged into 3 clusters with 3 towers each, focused around courtyards, to enhance feelings of community. The scale and location of these courtyards, as well as the site 
of "home." Site amenities, which are considered here to be the clubhouse, the central plaza in the landscape, and the kindergarten, are located along the main axis of the site. This main axis points down the boulevard to the Dalian Landmark Plaza, an important feature on the city's waterfront. There are 3 access points to the site: a driveway from the main road, an entrance to the clubhouse, and a drop-off for the kindergarten. These site access point continue to become ring roads that connect all buildings and parking areas on site. Underground parking is provided with natural daylight and greenery from the sunken courtyards in the tower clusters. 
Tower forms were developed from calculations for spatial efficiency. A typical volume is stacked and arranged into 9 towers. These towers are arranged to balance privacy, community, access, sun exposure, and views. Each tower benefits from balconies, vertical gardens, cross-ventilation, full-height windows, and natural shading. The skin of the towers uses alternating solid aluminum and glass panels to create various visually stimulating patterns. The clubhouse and kindergarten building receive a similar material treatment, share a harmonious design language, and act as horizontal elements on the site to balance the verticality of the towers. 

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